USTP to Provide Tablets and Communication Expenses to its Students, and Laptops to its Faculty Members

On Oct. 20 2020, the Board of Regents aprroved Resolution No. 139, s. 2020: A Resolution Approving the Amendment of the Revised Program of Receipts and Expenditures Funded Under the Internally Generated Income for Fiscal Year 2020. Rep. Rufus Rodriguez, a member of the Board, moved that the resolution be further amended to make sure that USTP students who have no gadgets for online learning be provided with tablets. While the faculty members who have no laptops be provided one and those students already having the gadgets be granted subsidy for communication expenses. Last Nov. 4, 2020 during its special meeting, the Board unanimously approved BOR Resolution No. 146, s. 2020 which implements the support for USTP students and faculty members for online learning. The support by USTP to its students and faculty members in the CDO campus including its satellite campuses such as the Balubal campus are: (1) 756 tablets for use of USTP students with postpaid load given on a weekly basis of 200 pesos per week, until the end of the year (around P7.6 million, including P328,320 for 93 WiFi ready tablets to Balubal students) (2) 238 tablets with wifi for use of students who have no gadgets in the satellite campuses in Jasaan, Mis. Or, and Oroquieta and Panaon, Mis. Occ. (P2.7million)(3) Communication expenses for 2,701 students who have gadgets but do not have loads (P1.7 million)(4) 173 laptops for faculty members who do not have laptops (P6.3 million)(5) Additional leaseline internet subscription for satellite campuses including Balubal campus (P8.8 million)(6) Online content subscription and other ICT facilities. The total support for USTP students and faculty members in its CDO campus and satellite campuses (excluding Claveria campus) is P41.9 million. For the Claveria campus, the support for the students and faculty consists of: (1) 1308 tablets for use by the students with weekly load (P15 million)(2) Communication expenses for faculty members and students who have gadgets but need loads (P3.3 million)(3) Outdoor wifi devices for students. The Total for Claveria campus is P18.7 million. The tablets are provided to the students under a usufruct agreement wherein they will return them upon graduation. The laptops of faculty members will be returned upon resignation or retirement. Rep. Rodriguez thanked and congratulated all the members of the USTP Board of Regents and its officers for their concern for the students and faculty members in need of the gadgets due to online learning caused by Covid-19 pandemic. This will assure that no student in USTP will be left behind for being unable to afford a gadget or has no resources for connectivity expenses.

Credits: Cong. Rufus B. Rodriguez

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