Jasaan Campus Joins University Wide Intramurals

Intramurals has always been a battle of whom among the seven fighting units: College of Engineering and Architecture (CEA), College of Industrial and Information Technology (CIIT), College of Arts and Sciences (CAS), College of Policy Studies, Education and Management (CPSEM), Oroquieta Campus, Panaon Campus, and Jasaan Campus achieves the flaming victory.

Last October 20-24, 2016, Jasaan Campus joined the University Wide Intramurals at the main Campus in accordance to the theme “Digiworld: Play Beyond the Digital Frontier”. This year’s celebration of sportsmanship, unity and camaraderie were evident, organized—gaining positive feedbacks from students and their delegations. It was indeed well-planned.
The University Wide Intramurals held many activities and Jasaan Campus actively participated in many of those events namely: Chess (Men & Women), Dart (Men & Women), Table Tennis (Men & Women), Badminton (Men & Women), Volleyball (Men & Women), Sepak Takraw, Basketball (Men & Women), Extreme Amazing Race, Fiesta Games, Unit Character Competition, Flag Raising and Band Competition. It was enjoyable yet another fun-filled experience for every MUSTeans.

Moreover, as the final results came, the athletes of Jasaan Campus ranked 3rd placers in these events; Badminton (Men), Volleyball (Men), Basketball (Men), and Over-all Fiesta Games.
Medals, crowns, trophies and acknowledgements were nothing compared to the relationship you once treasured. Remember, college experiences are just for four to five years, after that you will see each other in the new world out of the realms of MUST. Moreover, it is neither about who gains the loudest cheer nor who gains the least; it is neither about who wins and who loses nor about being on top. Celebrating intramurals is all about maintaining the relationship despite the point systems and careful handling especially with those critical things is another way. Through this, Intramurals should come off in all positives and not on the negatives.


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