For the first time in history, the three satellite campuses namely: Jasaan, Oroquieta and Panaon have merged to compete as one team in the USTP System Meet 2017 “Clash of Flags”. The conjoined forces of White Archers proudly waved their flag as a new team and got the 3rd place in the overall Sport competition and 2nd  place in the overall Socio-Cultural events. The annual event of wide intramurals took place in University of Science and Technology of Southern Philippines, Cagayan de Oro Campus lasts September 26-30, 2017.

The unity of the satellite campuses resulted to a stronger fighting spirit as well as the loud cheers of the supporters. Moreover, the camaraderie of the players was formed when they already played. Regardless of the new teammates, the White Archers still manage to sweep awards in many events. Sepak Takraw (team & regu) and Table Tennis (women) were the major sports that got 16 gold medals. In addition, the Basketball team men secure the silver medals as well as the women for the bronze medals. The White Archers as well proved that they are wizards when they ambush the gold medal in the Quiz Bowl competition.

Although this may be true, the three satellite campuses from the past can hardly make it on top of the rankings. One factor was the lack of cheerers, satellite campuses come from distant places and they do not have enough cheerers to lift their fighting spirits and win the game. This matter brought the satellite campuses to conjoined forces and decided to fight as one team during the USTP System Meet 2017 “Clash of Flags”. Obviously, the merging of the three satellite campuses earned positive feedbacks from the whole USTPeans. “Archers, ahhh,,, I think mas nag-improve siya kesa from the past na bulag-bulag pa ang satellite campuses. Mas nagkaroon ng unity, mas lumaban yung satellite campuses sa main” said Mr. Glenson S. Uayan, Jr. president of the Central Student Organization of USTP JC.

Currently, the following were the seven units competed in three competition categories Sport, Socio-Cultural, Extra Curricular.

  • College of Engineering and Architecture (CEA) as Risen Legends
  • College of Science and Mathematics (CSM) as Green Wizards
  • College of Information Technology and Computing (CITC) as Howling Lycans
  • College of Science Technology and Education (CSTE) as Blue Phoenix
  • College of Technology (COT) as Blazing Guardians
  • USTP Jasaan, Oroquieta and Panaon Campus as White Archers

USTP Claveria as Blue Cowboys

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