Elemental Beauties: Hail to Miss USTP Jasaan 2018

Inspired by the eccentric nature of the four elements: Earth, Water, Air and Fire, 12 candidates from their respective units (3 representatives per unit) vied for the crown of Ms USTP – Jasaan Campus as they filled the night with glitter. A cold breeze from the light rain, a dark venue and scintillating video production of the candidates kicked off the fist-gripping and vocal chords ripping opening remarks of the pageant. With the opening message from the head of Students Affairs and Welfare Organization (SAWO) Ms Anne Nuñez who made a remark – “Let’s all be happy and be proud tonight” blazed the wanton of excitement from the audience. The crowd rocked in awe, cheering for their bet even at the early phase of the competition as the candidates presented themselves during the opening number.

The audience roar grew loud as the first batch of minor awards composed of Miss Photogenic, Campus Choice Award and Natasha’s Best in Casual Attire were given to the triumphant candidates.
The audience had a taste of the outmaneuvered wit from the candidates themselves as they explained their photo-essay for the preliminary questions; topics including Peer Pressure, Technology, LGBT Questioning, Drug Addiction and even the current President of the Philippines, President Rodrigo Duterte. After the sizzling ramp of the candidates on their Sports and Uniform Attire, the second batch of awards were given, resulting to the additional bragging rights to the fans of the candidates. It was a “Versace on the Floor” night as the candidates conquer the podium in their Calicdan inspired gown adorned with black and white gems and diamond-like beads. After the glitter-studded ramp of the candidates, the awards for the Best in Evening Gown was given and the top five finalists were named. As the excitement overflows in the end there can only be one winner of the title Ms USTP Jasaan Campus.

The loud drum roll dwindled into tense anticipation as the Runners-up were announced. The third runner-up was from the Unit 1 Wind Ranger, Ehnoxa Barquin, followed by the second runner-up, Angel Krizza Ariata from Unit 2 Blazing Waters and then by the first runner-up from Unit 4 Guardians of the Earth, Dianne Ybanez.
As the contest drew into close, the hosts announced and crowned the Ms Intramurals who was from Unit 2 Blazing Waters, Jhamayca Takiang. The unstoppable banging of drums erupted from the crowd as Febeden Magsalay from Unit 1 Wind Ranger was announced and crowned as the Ms USTP Jasaan Campus 2018.
Under the bright kaleidoscopic lights and the vivacious cheers of the crowd, the Ms USTP Jasaan Campus and the Ms Intramurals Jasaan Campus 2018 pageant showcase the fact that not only USTP Jasaan Campus is filled with academically inclined students but also with a stardust of beauty that can outshine anyone anytime.

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