CSO Spearheads Acquaintance Party 2018

To give the students a chance to be acquainted with each other, the Central Student Organization (CSO) spearheaded the annual acquaintance party where all the students from the different departments came together to celebrate a one-night fellowship held last July 21, at the USTP Jasaan social hall.

This year’s acquaintance gave highlight on being true to one’s self. The theme “Be your own self, be your own style” summarizes how important it is to embrace one’s own uniqueness and imperfections. Three major events were featured in the party: Mr. and Ms. Acquaintance Party 2018, various parlor games and the different dance presentations prepared by the students. Overall, the activity was not only memorable, but was also a success where students were able to established concrete friendship and created a lifetime memories through uncensored laughter.

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