GDG CDO Brings Google I/O Extended Roadshow 2018 to USTP Jasaan

The Google Developers Group (GDG) Cagayan de Oro brought the I/O Experience from Mountain View, California to the vicinity of USTP Jasaan campus for the first time. The event happened on July 28, 5:00 pm at the social hall.

The roadshow was sponsored by Google, Engagis, DigGirls and Syntactics Incorporation in collaboration with the IT Department Organization Society of Computer Enthusiast (SOCE) – USTP Jasaan campus. The CEO of Google LLC ,Sundar Pichai talked about Google I/O and teasers explaining its cause and perks and how it could become a huge part of the community.

GDG is a worldwide group of enthusiastic developers interested to collaborate and learn more about the new technologies. Activities like pitching competition about the Google Technologies made the students stood at their brink – making their best and catchy lines to captivate the attention of the audience. Freebies and snacks were also given.

Creating Worlds with Google Poly was introduced by Edmund Salcedo Jr, a Unity Developer and a Designer at Engagis (a team of strategists and creatives who powered some of Australia’s largest digital signage networks). Mr. Salcedo also did share his experiences, his encounter of the new apps and features of Google Technologies at the Google I/O held at Mountain View, California. He also did some talks about uses of Artificial Intelligence (AI) Machine Learning via Google Technologies. Alaiza Geene Maandig, a Web Assistant Engineering Lead at Syntactics Inc., a company which provides properly managed business and IT solutions for small and medium enterprises and major corporation. She demonstrated the features of the newly launched Google Home which is an interactive and user-friendly, virtual AI Assistant. Ms. Maandig did also discuss and provide some tips for building better actions.

It was an afternoon of enlightenment to the new versions and upgrades of Google technology. The Roadshow did not end without a group picture initiated by the GDG together with the Information Technology Chairman, Mr. Julieto Catipay.

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