Guardians Cool down Blazing Waters

Unit 4 Guardians of the Earth waylaid a sluggish Unit 2 Blazing Water nipping a close 93-86 final count to seal the trophy in the intensified men’s basketball championship game during the first Intramural Games held at USTP Jasaan Campus, August 27.

Both teams have showed eagerness at the first half of the game. Aware of the equal footing, the Guardians blasted forward setting the third set on fire. The Guardians dropped 2 consecutive rebounds to widen the lead, 75-56, making it hard for the Blazing Waters to recover.

The Blazers assembled themselves on the last quarter of the game working mostly on solidifying and strengthening their defense. The crowd went wild as the Blazers tried so much to snatch the ball on the remaining minutes, but the Guardians did not allow them to divert the momentum of the tournament. Determined to put dot on the game, the Guardians extracted a final 2-point shot to finally end the match.

Losing against the Guardians, the Blazing Waters secured the 2nd spot. On the other hand, the Unit 3 Red
Phoenix finished 3rd in the do-or-die match against the Unit 1 Wind Ranger.

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