Loud cheers and thunderous roars filled the open ground in the first day of the very first USTP Jasaan Campus Intramural Games last September 25, 2018. As part of the opening program, the Unit Character competition was a presentation of the various elements: air, water, fire and earth which are considered as the powers of nature. Each corresponding element was well represented by the assigned unit or deaprtment last September 25, 2018.

The Unit 1, Information Technology represented the element of air as the Wind Ranger, while the Unit 2 of the Senior High School department called themeselves as the Blazing Waters. Units 3 and 4 were acted by the Auto-mechanical and Electrical Technology departments as Red Phoenix of the fire element and Guardians of the Earth respectively. To complete the feels of the event, a special participation was done by a faculty member, Ms. Niña Lopez who acted as Mother Gaia.

In the end, only the best element prevailed. Unit 2 grabbed the 1st place and followed by the Unit I who bordered the 2nd place, while Unit 4 and 3 ended at the third and fourth place respectively. Still of them stood out as they caught the attention of the crowd. Indeed, the event was very successful because the audience got thrilled and excited of the outcome of the event. And luckily, it was a good start of the Intramurals as it was a successful event participated by the students.

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