BS Technology Communication Management

The BS Technology Communication Management is an innovative undergraduate degree that is designed for the future information managers. This inter-disciplinary program incorporates courses from the fields of mass communication, computer science and telecommunication into curriculum from managers who are conversant with the creative process as well as the technological tools that are integral part of the modern-day communication process.


  • Electrical Machine Repair and Maintenance
  • Electrical Control Technologist
  • Process Control Technologist

Major in Power System Distribution with Eco-design

The program is designed to allow students to develop a better understanding of the energy industry including infrastructure, generation, transmission and distribution of non-renewable, renewable, and inexhaustible energy sources. Competencies are placed on building a solid foundation in electrical engineering, clean energies, power systems, sustainable technologies and energy management.


  • Power Distribution Repair and Maintenance
  • Electrical system Technologist
  • Energy management technologist