Steps for Entrance Examination

Step 1:
Proceed to the Cashier’s Office to pay the
Testing Fee.

(Present your High School I.D.)

Step 2:
Proceed to the Guidance and Testing Center to take the test.
(Present Official Receipt and one (1) pc. recent 2×2 I.D. picture – not scanned, photocopied or cut-out and bring pencil, eraser and ballpen)

Testing Fee:
Undergraduate 450.00

Admission Requirements

All freshmen applicants must file an application form at the
University Testing Center, pass the entrance examination and satisfy
other qualifying requirements as may be prescribed by the respective
Upon enrolment, a freshman should submit the following:

  1. Original copy of Form 138 (report card);
  2. Certificate of good moral character;
  3. Medical Certificate on physical fitness;
  4. NSO authenticated Birth Certificate;
  5. 1 copy of 2” x 2” ID photo; and
  6. Marriage contract, for married female students