BS in Information Technology

The BS in Information Technology (BSIT) program develops students to become highly dependable IT professionals by equipping them with sufficient knowledge, research & development and technopreneurial skills, and strong moral values to prepare them towards higher academic level and/or a career in industry, academe, or government.

B.S. in Information Technology (BSIT)

IT Electives 

Network Design and Administration 

Networking 3

Networking 4

Systems Integration and Architecture 2

Cyber Security

Hadoop Computing Architecture 

Information Security




Database and Information System

Human Computer Interaction 2

Data Mining

Systems Integration and Architecture 2

NoSQL Technologies

IT Project Management

Distributed Database


Computer Vision and Image Processing 

Human Computer Interaction 2

Digital Image Processing 

Graphics and Visual


Computational Photography

Computer Vision and Pattern recogniation

Free Electives 

Korean Language  Japanese Language Spanish Language Chinese Language